You Live in the Reflection of You

In On the Questby Yeshua Lucis

For every outward effect, there is an inward cause. As within, so without. We live in the holographic reflection of our own internal landscape. This plays out individually as the specific circumstances and relationships one experiences, and from there resonates out collectively as the shared realities, systems, and infrastructures we experience, the World at large. This includes the state of the Land and social dynamics such as conflict.

As I come to understand and embody this principle more deeply, its qualities take on new dimensions. Simply said, “you live in the reflection of you.” From this place, I have come to recognize how what is playing out in the inner landscape is made manifest in the world, in one’s experience. This isn’t to say that it means that it is your fault things are the way they are, or that merely the way you are doing things is causing it to be that way. It is to say that that which is within us is reflected to us. To make it less personal, there is an inward cause, yet I didn’t necessarily *create* that, for there are forces greater than I that endow me with my qualities and circumstances, relative to the unfolding of my Dharma and my purpose.

“You create your reality” is only one facet of the lesson, just as manifestation and the Law of Attraction only show part of the picture. Each of us is part of a larger orchestration of synchrony and divine intent, whether or not we can see it. There, within us, is something wanting to happen through us, naturally. It is the Divine Blueprint. The Seed Within Us. It is not something that you merely will to happen, or that you made up. It comes from the Divine Will, for which you are a vessel. It is more a matter of revealing it, for it is already there within you.

Our individual will is an important part of this whole matter. If the will is only directed on trying to change the manifestation to the benefit of the self, you can miss the divine intuitions and the bigger picture of how that relates to the whole and the Gift you have to offer the Whole. You live in a hollow attempt to willfully transform reality, without realizing that there is something more powerful than that available. We can put our will to task for the Higher Will, the Will of the Divine. We can merge with and support that which wishes to happen through us, and watch our hands become part of the miracle that is the creation of new Life and divine intent through us.

As I have come to understand the Law of Reflection, I have also realized that there is no separation. That which is within is intrinsically connected to what is happening in the outward reflection, and beyond that in the Collective and in the Whole. Embodying the understanding of this principle has naturally led me to a renewed sense of responsibility.

Responsibility is the ability to respond. It is a natural effect of the embodiment of a principle. A principle is dynamic yet unwavering, meaning that it can be repeatably proven through our life experience as a manifested quality. It is inherent to our Lives, something we can stand in, something we can live by. It’s more than a fad or some intellectual theory, the latest scientific trend, it is a tried and true thing of real substance. It is made real through us living it.

I have come to realize that this also changes how you live, for when you come to know that if you harm another you affect the entire web of life, and it reflects back to you, then no longer in good conscious can you cause harm. It puts the ego in its place, and brings the self to serving a higher cause, a guiding principle.

This is what we strive to show in the Mythica. The stuff of Principle, the Physics of the Quest, and how we came to continually reveal that principle through direct experience as True, which is the ongoing revelation. It becomes self-evident truth. Furthermore, the Stories show how we can come to live inside of that principle and embody its divine qualities. We come to live in a more robust reality, in a deeper state of realization and wholeness.

It is one thing to realize there is no separation. It is another thing to practice living inside that realization, which is what it takes, real practice. It becomes a part of you. It becomes real through you. It becomes a quality that you emanate, and part of your inherent value for the world, your particular resolution of the collective karma and offering for the whole. You become the medicine. You become more of who you really are, and step deeper into the Mythica.

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