What Is your New Earth Now?

In Musingsby Yeshua Lucis

Recently I asked myself this question, and I began to dive into it deeper, following all the threads of feeling and the visions that have been guiding me on this sacred journey of awakening.

What does it look like, feel like…speaking it into being. Allowing the potentials in the Field to emerge and come through into Form, which happen through us.

Its Heaven on Earth. Where we can access the solutions collectively to co-create the new paradigm of harmony, peace, love and abundance. Where we each are able to contribute to the whole in alignment with our life purpose, each doing our part of the Great Work with a sense of fulfillment.

A world of prosperity and peace, of alignment with our divine purpose. Here, I love my life, and the flow of divine information is constantly guiding me. My third eye is open, and I sense with harmony the threads that connect all things. Gaia speaks with me, through me, and my connection with the sacred land is deep and pristine, pure and alive, majestic and open, wondrous and magical.

New synchronicities leading towards the edge of evolution in a fun adventure of spiritual awakening. Where the new value system is based on the wealth generated by new connections and experiences, recognizing our inherent worth as an Aspect of Divinity Embodied.

Its Embracing Embodiment, loving being in the body, the sensual wonder and activation of all the primal senses. Of feeling more deeply and pristinely, enjoying being in the body in a natural state of pleasure. Its fun and exciting, sexy and juicy, raw and sacred, activated and grounded in a pure state of blissful power.

Its ever expanding, new experiences in an exploration of consciousness. There is a relationship with consciousness that treats our experience as a grand stage of experience, the akashic theatre, the lila play of forms that make up our dance across creation. Where we see ourselves as the characters of the great story of our Awakening, playing out our Aspect in the Collective Story. 

Its here, a place of a divine recognition, of access and alignment with that which is larger. An appreciation for our unique facet in the fractal of life, our light shining through the gem of experience, as we access more of our multidimensionality. The vast expanse of our sensory landscape opens to reveal new vistas of possibility and self-actualization, as we become the vessels for the redemption, for planetary healing through embracing embodiment.

Through this, we birth the New Earth. We anchor the potentiality into form. We walk the ways of medicine, and dance through the halls of truth, to the tune of our soul’s unique song, aching to be sung into creation. We bring the solutions to the present, unearthing age old issues through the ingenuity of our alignment with Gaia, honoring all Life as we propagate new ways of being, pollinating the seeds of life into the spheres of influence. 

We take up the torch, and enter the valley of the shadow of doubt, and penetrate deeply into the recesses of broken systems and approach the heart of fractured ways of being. Here, we bring the light of our pure awareness, the love of our pure beingness, the presence of our mastery, and help to heal that which could not be held before. We embrace the full spectrum of duality, recognizing light’s definition by the shadow it casts.

We take a caring approach to Ascension. To transforming our world by changing first within, recognizing our responsibility to be the change we wish to see. We come to see, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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