There is place
a space filled with grace
one we can find
if we only know our way
its a true place
a paradigm anew
where we discover the gift
inside of me and you.

“Follow the synchronicities unceasingly and you will be led to a new reality.”

I wake from the dream… I know I must head west. Days passed into nights, as I found my way to Avalon Gardens, after encountering a long lost father and discover Sedona. It was there I would learn of Crestone and the uniting of the East and West.

Through the Tribal Vision I passed, signing a contract with the universe to reclaim my sovereignty and entering the ascension chamber, as a flower of life lowered over my head. A healer there told me my voice was meant to help the planet, and again I heard the call to Crestone.

It was time. Brought there in the night from the Hanuman Temple, I awoke to mountains outstretched and a convergence of leylines and temples, eco-villages and ancient ways…