The Nature of Narrative

In Yoga of Storyby Yeshua Lucis

I came to see the nature of narrative, the undercurrent of meaning that lay beneath the voicing of our stories. In exploring my character, and doing the inner clearing, I came to see a crystalline thread of meaning that run through my path.

Such became a deepening into the nature of what it means to have a story, what it means to have a character. As a spiritual being having a human experience, the revelation came to proliferate my experience. In the contemplation of the deeper elemental qualities, of textures of energy and how that relates to the archetypes that proliferate my path. In this way, through direct perception, I came to the revelation of the nature of karma and dharma, of the patterns the play out in my life, and how this relates to those textural qualities which can be found within our form, that are made of vibration. This plays out as our subconscious patterns, which are the things that we strive to clear, and as we do so the gift that lay within our story is revealed.

These patterns, we share them with the people in our lives. I came to see how we are collectively processing through various tones and textures of vibration in the shared field which then relate to various areas in our body. Nothing happens on accident, such is the nature of gravity. This relates to our story, in which we share a great story of the return to Grace, processing through our portion of the collective distortions. This plays out in the perfection of the body of form itself. The very thing that gives rise to the definition of our stories, and more so how they all connect.

Traveling into the Mythica is about deepening into our character, discovering the golden thread that is our story. Our story is a gift given to us by the divine to play out at this time, and majestic destiny unique only to us. Yet the pattern remains the same, for in this way we come to see the yoga of story. This is the nature of the Heroic Journey, A way of viewing the circumstances of our lives at vantage and in context. Is a deep practice, a revelatory art…

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