Forgiveness (Ho’oponopono)

In Techniquesby Yeshua Lucis

Key to clearing the disharmony in our lives and accessing our clarity and peace is forgiveness. By recognizing that there is no separation, we can see that that which appears in our field is a reflection of what we are here to work through. We take responsibility for our part in the disharmony, healing and shifting from within to transform our circumstances for the better.

When we work with forgiveness as an intentional practice for healing, we move past the surface and address the subconscious patterns. We see that which arises in our path tracks back to something within us, and if we have unresolved agitation with externals circumstances and other people in our life, we bring it back to the energy, through the feeling, and forgive, to “give it up”, to release it from our consciousness and clear the underlying agitation.

This is based on the physics of the Quest, that we are supported by a benevolent divinity. That when we forgive, letting go, the energy opens, our access expands, and we clear, getting in better touch with the grace that wishes to flow through us. We heal our part of the collective play of events, by starting within. This is tied directly to the manifestation of abundance in our lives, through the access of our Awareness that opens we we are clear and aligned with the grace that wishes to come through us. Remembering that nature is abundant, and when we are aligned with the larger nature of the universe, we too access that limitless expansion. This is part of how we can align with Gaia.

I have a great respect for Hawaii and its indigenous wisdom. They speak of something called Pono, which means harmony with our relations. When one strays from this harmony, which is regarded as the ideal and natural state, then one does “Ho’oponopono”, which means “to return to balance.” This is a practice of forgiveness in which one does a prayer around this, saying “I love you. I forgive you. Please forgive me. I’m sorry.” And repeats this, until it transforms, and there are other versions of this that involve specific ceremony, I am only speaking to the essence. When this impression first arrived on my path in Crestone of 2016, it was the sacred land itself bringing me the medicine I needed on my path of healing and awakening. Such is the case for us all, the right thing arrives at the right time.

The essence of addressing what was arising and clearing it through a practice of forgiveness was essential. Its also known as the movement from “victim” to “manifestor” consciousness, as from the helpful teachings of Agape Ministries and Michael Beckwith. As my friend Lauren  Anne inspired me to speak of these things today through our conversation on all this, I wanted to share the technique I use and describe it here so you may do it for yourself. I recommend doing it in nature if you can, but anywhere where you can take a breath and center for a few moments is great, ideally a meditative space.

The Practice

  1. Identify where the energy is arising in your body. Breath witness awareness, don’t judge it, push it, or pull it. Just allow.
  2. Breathing into it, allow the essence of the emotion to arise. If anyone else is connected to it, or a specific circumstance, allow them to come to your mind’s eye.
  3. Regard that there is no separation. Maintain the connection to the vibrational feeling as you do these next steps.
  4. Breath. Invoking your way; I forgive myself, I forgive this aspect of myself, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you. (I try not to use the word “you” too much, as we want to regard the ‘other’ as a part of us)
  5. Holding the energy in your awareness, breath the energy of forgiveness through it. Do this until you feel it start to open and release. As you do this, allow the natural energy of love to fill the area.
  6. When you are finished, ground into the earth. Imagine a rooting cord drop down from your root into the earth and release everything that no longer serves you, transmuting the energy, and coming back to center in your heart, giving thanks for this life.

I find immense transformation in a regular practice of this, and even do it as things arise in my path that are frustrating, when energies of resentment arise towards others or myself. Its an ongoing practice, a yoga of embodiment, and can clear the patterns of our timeline to embody more of our Divinity Here Now.

We’ll go more deeply into this in my course…

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