Ripples of Source

In Reflectionsby Yeshua Lucis

Once while I was in the forests of Taos in 2015 before I was led to the Tribal Vision, I went on a visionary journey that led me deeper into the land. I ended up passing through a thrush of green to a stream where I was guided to sit and recieve a teaching from the spirit of the land.

An elemental Deva came to life through the stone, as a rippling light opened to a flower of life portal shimmering across its side. Aspects of the god and goddess were revealed in the impressions of the stone and then there was a telepathic communion. It felt like I was sitting with a master intelligence.

It showed me that the pure light of source passes from the Heavens (formless potentiality) through all these layers of impressions to arrive to the manifestation of the Earth (formed actualization), that prime vibrational patterns move through a ‘lensing’ to create material reality.

That what we saw “around” was actually a lensing and that your always looking at the same substance in different arrangements. That went a step further to me sensing the vibrational textures of that hologram as ‘without’, so ‘within’. That there was no separation and I was gazing across the textures of my own beingness.

Everywhere you look, you are seeing the One Light of Source passing through the lens of the substance. What looks like different sources, aren’t, as all rivers lead back to the ocean. 

Gazing across the skin of the stone around me, I saw these vibrational textures repeating in a symphony of pattern, throughout was this tetrahedron and the flower of life.

These eventually came to clarify as a prime differentiation in the geomantics of Creation itself. Form itself is made up of patterns of divine intellect.

As I looked at the water, it wanted to show me about time. As I gazed at the ripples in the water, it was revealed to me that the ripples of movement occur through the substance of the water across time, and that the same prime patterns are in a repetition. This had to do with the manifestation of form itself.

It was a sense that the world itself is made of these impressions in the water, existing inside its own gravity. A beautiful but imperment dance of form across the skin of space-time.

At the end, I felt it all resolve to Source.

Only now, after my journey with Peter Fae, do I have the words to clearly communicate that experience. All of it is exactly what he has taught me through the Akasha Yoga, so it is a deeply profound correlation. It shows something about the gravity of my current self and the nature of circumstance, that the proper form arrives through the intelligence of Gaia to communicate Natural Law.

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