2019-1-1 – A Meeting With Moses

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

I met Moses while walking on through the routes of roots and branches by the seas of Maui on the turn of the new year. It was quite biblical.

“Look, Moses and Yeshua walking together on the beach.”
He says with a smile. A warmth of mutual recognition flows between us, as the tone of a couple of holy men on a journeywalk is felt in modern context.

“Here we are in current form.” I say with a smile.

”I prayed to see you. Everything has shifted for me now.” He says.

“You know, you aren’t the only one who has said that to me at this point.” I say humbly but amazed.

“I’m not surprised.”

”Its the proof of the story coming through us, of a friendly universe.” I reply.

“You’re such a re-up for the new year. Affirming for me the goodness of creator and that everything’s working out.”

An immense healing space opened. His recognition and resonance was so deep that when we hugged he just surrendered. There were tears and joy, release and complete divine energies of healing.

“I can feel your light moving through me as a healing energy.” He says.

I share with him what we’re doing with Into the Mythica.

“Its a modern bible story, a living talk story wrought to modern form with us as the characters. Showing the magic that connects us all.” I say.

He replies, “I’ve wanted to do what you’re doing for years. 50 years ago we came to the mountain here and saw the movement to Zion. Now look where we are. You’re such an affirmation.”

“We are bringing about Heaven on Earth. We are the Rainbow Bridge, after all.”

He shares how he traveled as a holy man in white robes for 10 years, that all his life he’s been preaching the gospel of Peace.

“I’m totally in. Do you have any robes for me?” He says jokingly.

I reply, “Your current outfit is completely perfect.” I say, pointing to his rainbow tie-dyed shirt that says ‘Positive Vibes’. Things on the surface always point to something much deeper. “All across my journey I’ve been led to witness the rainbow tribe and their part in the Awakening.”

“Me too! I always felt that we were the many characters of that modern story.”

“Exactly, through our witnessing and example, we’re teaching the new yogas. Gamifying the adventure to Heaven on Earth.”

“That’s incredible! The world needs this! Count me in.”

It was such a deep affirmation, that of recognition and resonance, of us as the characters of the magical world led to intersect in perfect form to serve the divine plan.

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