Light on High

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

Powers they open, the stroke of keys in bright spell takes new form. A simplicity in the delivery of content in regards to clarity of consciousness taking form. I recognize in my own tone that of the elvish and the galactic, of a new myth line emerging, taking form as I move deeper into the golden tone that is my birthright. Here in Naples, things take their appropriate shape, moving closer to the emergent dawn of Mythica publishing, the redeemed beacon of media soon to emanate out across the realms.

It is no easy task to step deeper into the embodiment of who you truly are. Such has required on my part an ongoing willingness to grow, to face the unknown and to strive to embody the bright virtues that the divine has shown me to be in alignment with my own true Nature. Which is alignment with Nature itself. This is the bright path for us all. This finds practical application in my everyday endeavor of Aligning with Gaia, cleansing and clarifying my consciousness through connection with the sacred land. The prana of the Aina moves through my form more with ease and grace as I work through the blockages within the inward sensate landscape of my self.

For so long, a fissure between the seems of my own being kept me from accessing my Truth and Powers. This is the Healing. This is the Alignment. Ah, I can feel it now even, the breath of Aloha. The easement that comes from the freedom of this expression in the mirror fine form of the innards of the Mythica, wrought to the bright form of redeemed intonation. Such is the transition for the whole, ah yes, in fullness I recognize that there is no separation. Such is the core truth of that which passes through our Avatars, appropriate to this transition in the Ages.

There it is. I can feel it, viscerally. A galactic tone, from root to crown…

Stardust and galaxies, weaved incantation of divine emanations. A truth that sings out from the Stars, reminding us of who we really are. Channeling clear and coming through, a tone amidst the cries they sign, a declaration of truth at last, amidst the newborn skies. We tried again and we tried it true, amidst the passage of a bygone era, to step into the golden tone, a new spell weaved so brightly. Yet her tone was oh so ancient, wrought of the very elemental form that gives rise to everything. Back to the source we walk, amidst the ancient tones and hues. A rainbow road, a rainbow True. From hell to Heaven its all on Earth, incarnated Here we are right Now. So let the transition now take its omen, taking to the roads they are on High. For the light of nigh, it is our Time. A resurrection and a clarion call. Awaken now my dearest children of the Light. For now is the Time.

In the viscera of my elemental awareness, there is the flushness of Angelics. The Great Song urging its way from the depths of my being finding sounding through my form. Such is all in the perfection of unfoldment relative to the clearing of the Self so that such clarity may come through my transmission.

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