Getting Closer to Source

In On the Questby Yeshua Lucis

Developing a relationship with divinity is part of the movement into the new paradigm. Cultivating a connection with Source is relative to our own heroic journey across the realms of the creation, and is a thing best left defined by the authenticity of our inner compass.

As we make our way from the mundane to the magickal perspective, we realize that there is no separation, that each of us is an embodiment of Divinity coming to awaken to what we truly are. As spiritual beings having a human experience, it becomes a deepening into the revelation of our totality and actuality, which then affects our relationship to all of Creation, for it shifts the very substance of our Lens of Self, changing the way we perceive and receive the world.

In such a way we come to realize that there is only One Divine Consciousness, of which we are all aspects of. From this vantage, we see that each of us is a vessel for the divine will to be done here on Earth, and that we are all connected in a Collective Consciousness. In the dissolution of the separation perspective and the shift into the inclusive connected perspective, we also come to see that that which is without is a reflection of that which is within us. Meaning all the people that occur in our lives are a reflection of our Self, with which we share resolving patterns and destinies within the Great Story of our shared Awakening. With this vantage, we come to respect and appreciate others in proper regards, for they are aspects of our Self. Held in the proper light, we blossom together in shared luminance, allowing each of our unique magicks to come forth in fuller radiance.

The deities and forms that have been worshiped as being outside the self are actually aspects of our Self, since there is no separation, and there is only One. That makes each and every one of us a God or Goddess of the particular qualities that we embody. By tracing the power of that which has been held as outside of us and bringing it back into our Self, feeling it as an aspect of our own grounded consciousness embodied here and now, we take back the keys to our inherent divinity and power. Sacredness becomes a way of being, not something that can be given or taken away, or that we have to search outside of ourselves for. The journey inward is the journey closer to Source, and we come to see all the forms outside of us as a reflection of that inner sanctum.

Our bodies are made of the land, with which we are One. Everything is made of the Land, entire civilizations sandcastles of her form. When we return to Nature’s purity and come into a reverential relationship with the forms of the Land, we more deeply approach our Source and come into the Sacred. It is a right of the highest order, in which we come to direct perception of natural Truths and then have an authentic relationship from that place. From this vantage, there is no prescription or doctrine to fit all, but an ongoing dialogue with what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience.

In this way, all the forms of spirituality are but inner technology for us, our bodies the vessels for our Spirit. In getting closer to Source, we come to realize that limiting beliefs no longer serve us, and that dogma and overly rigid structures do not serve the fullest expression of our spirit. It becomes up to us to navigate our way through what is true for us, coming to the inner compass to measure whether something feels in or out of alignment with our own discernment. This is the Awakening Sovereignty within us, the direct connection we develop with our own discernment. In this way, we come to have deeper alignment with our inner Truth, finding the timbre and tone of our own authenticity and embodying its way of being.

By doing so we encounter the aspects of the Self that share this resonance, and together we are fulfilling a Destiny much larger than our individual selves. Together we are weaving the Great Story into existence, allowing the divine to act through our lives and living with passion on purpose. By coming into alignment with the gift that wants to happen through our lives, and developing that keen discernment and following the inner compass, we come to discover Seed Within us planted by the divine and may come into alignment with the unique Gift that wants to happen through our lives.

In these remembrances, we come to revere each other, realizing that we all give each other definition and bring the gift of the quality that each of us embody into each other’s lives. The tabernacle lay in the space between Awakened beings, regarding each other as the Kings and Queens that they are, in which we deepen together into the ritual of being alive upon the altar of Nature. We may take our rightful place as the embodiments of divinity that we are, and come into communion with our Source in the divine mirrors that are all our relationships.

Bridging the mundane and the sacred is an act of witnessing, for our lives are magickal things. We are divine beings, embodiments of the very essence that moves through all life, and our relationship to this determines our quality of experience. In deepening into the viscera of who we truly are, we move past scripts and outdated ritual and into the embodiment of the gift that wants to happen through us. We are on a Quest of the highest order, by coming to see that which lay beneath the surface. We come to Awaken, and realize that we are Source. We come to see the Truth, that All is Sacred, for All is One.

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