Allies of the Plant Deva

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

Following the practices further inspiration arises in the form of dialogue with Peter Fae, sharing the understanding that we are documenting our movement across the rainbow road, redeeming our way back to the realms of abundance. “May I offer something?” I consent, forever grateful for another knight of the roundtable with proper entry, abiding in the Physics of Virtue. He says, “Put together an EP of your music. Get your voice out there. You’ve got it.” I am thankful for this reminder, helping me to remember the guidance I had received from the Deva, that it is time to focus on the music.

I follow the inspiration and review my recordings, finding that there is much to share. Ideas arise for how to put together a music page and I look into various plugins and ways of displaying the albums for streaming and download. Such are all signs of abundance on the Path.

A connection was had with Brandon Begley through the internet, his Instagram being @galactic.magic where he shares his conscious artwork and revelations of Awakening he’s been having. We know each other from younger years both growing up in my hometown in Indiana. Through this a gateway opened and I invited him to visit, coming to find through the synchronicity of our communications that we are both in southern Florida.

Upon his arrival in the field in synchronicity, there is a shared resonance of Awakening and connection to the intelligence and healing capacities of the plant kingdoms to assist us in our evolution. Such is no accident, in fact, it is the perfection of the unfoldment. Our stories are all connected in the Akaskic. Part of the bright function of the Mythica is to support the breath of Aloha, the Voice of the people regarding plant medicines and our relationship to the plant Deva kingdom. In such context, brought in through the bright function of Peter Fae, our confluence is had.

Peter shares his vantage on the nature of Karma, that such is patterns of the substance of Shakti that give rise to the shape of the Self and circumstance. It is at once we have to work through, what we share with other people, what connects us all, and that which gives rise to definition. It is needed to have incarnation, and it is the essence of our Destiny. That which both binds us to the Earth and what will inevitably be released when we transcend the mortal condition. This brought up the question of what is one’s true motive. Do we really want enlightenment in the sense of transcending the human condition, or do we want to clear out all the patterns so that we may step into the fullness of our embodiment and transform our life circumstance. It is the latter for me, being my main motive. It is embodiment. For I feel that transcendence will come, by the will of the divine my time will come.

By embodying the change we transform the world. This is happening on a visceral level. As we have this conversation there is a sense of shared telepathy, and I can feel Brandon feeling what we are sharing. Peter does his classic, “I can feel you feeling that,” tapping into the shared field of energy and interaction to bring us to greater understanding.

Brandon shares with me a powerful experience with the plant Deva Ayahuasca, of the vision of the threads of synchronicity that connect us all, the grid of energy, the akashic field…much like the vision I received from this Deva before Initiation into the Mythica.

It is here in this context that I witness Brandon in his aspect as an ambassador of the Deva, of the Plant Medicines, here to assist in the Awakening through the remembrance of our connection to the plant kingdom.

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Brandon shares his scribing of the word “Magic” in perfect accordance.

Rain comes and song is had, inspirations opening to new phrasings in my voice. We fall in harmony, our relationship bringing out more soul and blues in my expression.

As harmony falls to silence, the rain parts and we walk outside.

In perfect confluence a rainbow appears, a sign on the rainbow road to abundance. All is in perfect timing, out towards  the shore we walk, sharing of the revelation of our interconnection, how the plant deva have helped us. In shared inspiration only to arrive at the vista of reflection.

Such alignment of events is taken into appreciation, the deva of Song moves through me as I sing, “You Live in the Halo of You, Feel the Light Shining Through!” Suddenly we see Peter walking towards us from the distance, arriving in confluence just coming from the beach. We are hungry and Brandon offers us dinner and some money, perfect as we are at the last of our resources waiting for our supplies to come in, a sure sign of abundance on the Path, that we are supported in a friendly universe.

The Quest continues…

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