Actualizing our Inherent Divinity

In On the Questby Yeshua Lucis

We must actualize the potential of who we can become, uncovering our inherent Divinity. Remembering that we are Gods and Goddesses, forever connected to the Source of Life, that the divine fire lives within us, as beacons of our inner essence.

If we wish to step into a better world, we must take up the torch of the Eternal, and step into the Halls of Wonder that host our Truth. Within the corridors lay shadows we must face, yet the only way out is through. As we break through to the other side there is Light, as we birth into a more magical, meaningful and synchronistic reality.

Along the journey, I notice that nothing is mundane, truly. It’s all part of a larger unfoldment, a grand symphony of Nature that is all interrelated and alive. It is a matter of deepening our perception, to be able to *see* the Grace that is this Truth, through direct experience. By doing so it changes our state of being. Not only that, we access more of the luminance of our Essential Self and the reflection of our reality shifts. There is more inspiration, and thus more abundance, as we access to the Grace that wants to happen through us.

When we get clear, recognizing that we are actually being supported on the Path, in our growth, evolution, and grounded basic needs. We are more alkaline, more at ease, at peace, knowing that we are being supported by a friendly Universe. So it occurs for me as a matter as a matter of Remembrance. Some powerful questions to ask: Am I remembering that I am supported, living in a friendly Universe? Or am I getting lost in the shadows, where I am confused, agitated, irritated, or miserable, feeling disconnected and in separation?

It helps to remind ourselves of the goodness beneath the confusion, that we are always being supported. Nothing is by accident. All is relative to the Will of the Divine, and everything on our path is grist for the mill. We can clear these underlying patterns, forgiving ourself and the reflections of our path that cause us difficulty, breathing through the blockages, reconnecting with the Land, and shift our frequency to one of gratitude, recognizing the blessings and shifting our perspective.

Here, we begin to anchor that frequency, to bring down into our core, and do the emotional alchemy to tune to the Resonance we desire to experience. We enter ever more magical realities of flow and grace. And ever more, we begin to actualize our inherent Divinity, the birthright of the Gift of our Life that lay within us, just waiting to blossom and bloom out into our wonderful World.

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