I am a traveling Author, Akashic Yogi and Bard on Into the Mythica.

Through photojournalism, I’m tracking the journey of synchronicity into the magical world of our shared Awakening. From what I’ve witnessed, the world is waking, and there is a new paradigm right here at the fore.

In my travels, I’ve connected with many change agents and Guardians of Gaia. I’ve been led between eco-villages and transformational festivals, sacred lands and gateways of my own shift in consciousness.

Coming from a place in western culture asleep to the magical interconnectedness of life, I was deeply moved by a desire to communicate a New Story. One that would reveal my progression, my timeline of Awakening, while revealing the emergent paradigm I have been traveling into, to both inspire and teach by way of example.

As a clairsentient, I have a connection with the subtlety that underlay our experience. I further began to develop my psychic abilities and talents to use them in service to the Shift. To awaken my own self, heal and manifest. I devoted myself to the yogic arts, the ways of energy and perception, the bardic arts, the ways of the Word, Story and Music, and that of the green-tender, the ways of sustainability and right relationship with Nature.

In the process, I’ve inspired and reminded many I’ve met. I’m making connections all over the world. And I’m ready to keep expanding and making an even bigger impact. This is my mission, and my why, deeply connected to who I am and what I’m about. 

The Message

To ignite and spread awakening and remembrance of the interconnectedness and sacredness of life and our shared journey to Heaven on Earth.

To share magical presentations and collective experiences of story, music and guidance, that inspire, empower and touch your Heart and bring you back to Source. While offering writing, videos and social media online.

May everything I offer be of the finest devotion to our collective awakening.

The Quest

To witness the wonder, to walk the path, holding the vision, only arriving to moments in synchronicity, always to realize the deeper essence beneath it all. To go deeper… into the rabbit hole of the great mystery. To embrace it all, magical unknown, into ever further discovery and clarity, into a deep dive excavation into what it means to have a Self. To realize myself.

To muse the myth, to sing the song and tell the tale, to weave the paths of the new paradigm on the edge of evolution. To impart insights as they come, to listen to the hum beneath, to feel the pulse of Source. To awaken the angel within and blossom the seed within of divine purpose.

Who am I?

What a Question! Enough to send one on a Quest…and it has.

As we all are, the journey towards this precipice, this edge of evolution, has put me at the frontiers of consciousness, of the unfolding of a Story whose pages are the days of my life.

The ways we answer this question… are they not so fundamental to our existence. The way we see ourselves and define our existence? And to answer this, means looking into the very meaning of our lives.

That’s what brought me here. Investigating the edges, diving deeper, ever deeper into my own Soul’s Truth. Of realizing who I am, and thus seeing our Unity.

Through this, I became a Devotee of the Path of Awakening. I am here in service to something larger, a more heavenly world. A place of peace, of harmony with eachother and the web of life, of life and divine virtue. I know that starts within, and ripples out from there. How I learned this, was the journey that came.

I follow my Heart. I listen to the signs. I learn to read between the lines. I came here to share my gifts, which range between song and story, media and magick, blended between.

Why do I do what I do? There is a larger purpose to it all. A Deep Value. Its in service to the spreading and raising of consciousness through the power of story, revealing the new paradigm, how we are all connected, and the yogas of change.

So deeply woven into who I am, is what I am about. For I intend my will be the instrument of the Divine, to only bring about good for all and love throughout, to be my True Self. This is my active practice, and I am always learning, its a narrow middle way to self-mastery. To balancing all the elements, and bringing it back to Compassion and True Love.

For how else can we embrace the healing of this planet, if not by starting for ourselves?

These are questions I began to walk with, a while. And they start to change you, you know? You see all the areas where you can shed what you are not to be more of who you really are. Where your shadows were looming, and the dance to align the deeper truth behind it all. Where we are human, slip and fall, pick ourselves up and eventually find the solution. Its this dance that we find a lot about how we *respond* rather than react to what is happening.

So, as I began to spend more time in nature and seek council and friendship with those that lived these natural laws to the best of their ability, I began to learn a lot about me. About how tremendously stressed I was from the life of paranoia and a mundane modern world, and how to shift to a place of peace and alignment, of divinity and surrender. I went even deeper into the paths of nature, meeting characters along the way that would bring me messages and assistance, when I would least expect it. It began to guide me, these synchronicities, and there would always be a lesson I was learning.

The more I began to see this, the more I saw how much of a story my life really was. How there is a larger unfoldment, to it all, the sacred story of our life. The divine tapestry of what our life is to us and who we are in it, is it not the great mysteries we’ve pondered? Over the course of all that has been, to now, at a place with more light, more awareness. Where we can see new vistas of possibility. We start to see ourselves in a more global context. We come to see the underlying unity. I see myself as a character in the Great Story of our shared Awakening.

Before I answered the call to adventure, I was the only one practicing any of these arts, who had a deep love of nature and could still commune with that subtle intelligence. I was seen as crazy by some. But I always felt I had this calling. That Humanity needed to remember something really important, so important it seemed ridiculous, like a cosmic joke, that we had forgotten it. That we are all One, with one-another and Nature.

So this began to move me, stir my heart. My adventures became ever more magical, and synchronistic, perfectly timed. Every time I knew it was an affirmation, from the Pulse of my Inner Guidance.

When this shifted on, I started being able to attune to higher vibrations. To transcend limitations, gradually, and to learn lessons for my soul. I began to see myself as an Incarnation, as in my true identity lies in my Soul, and this lifetime is an embodiment of that higher truth.

The Mystery School began. The Quest began.