2019-9-17 — Flowing into Form

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

Waking up is different. There is a lightness, my dreams reflecting a different movement, that of success and my writing well received. I’m glad I got the ticket to Austin. I’m trusting the unfoldment. Allowing myself to now follow the threads of inspiration.

Abraham Hicks speaks of “getting out ahead of it”, meaning, rather than constantly trying to remove the resistance, you move into a place of simply attuning to your true self, to the good feeling, and allowing that to move you from a place of non-resistant thought. I’m going to meditate a little this morning with this approach and see where it takes me.

In Akasha Yoga, we shift the inner lands to shift the outer. The work of getting into a particular “space” of consciousness, a head space or heart space, a feeling state, is relative to shifting our subtle energy body, which aligns us with a particular manifestation upon the surface of our lives.

Weaving & Wielding

I deepen into the opening, allowing myself to surrender into the feeling state of it already happening, the abundance and flow.

Then I wield the energies and weave into sacred movement, allowing the textures to shift within my prism of self.

I shift realms, passing through a portal on the rainbow bridge to greater expansion and abundance of connection with the community.

Wow. Massive expansions across the board follow.

The motto that came to follow “Its On.”

Saints of Story

Joy Love has a vision of the Mythica blooming and connects me with Riley Workman, a fellow saint of Story that she met along her sacred travels back to her place of origin.

Riley Workman

Our conversations blossom into a shared recognition of our mission to use storytelling and media to show the heroic journey to Heaven on Earth through the example of our own lives.

He says, “what better service can we give, than to prove that there is no separation.”

The feeling is us as ancient saints of Story, come to modern form to serve the much larger Great Story of our shared Awakening…

The Live Legends

This tone follows into the flow of the Live broadcast, where Aaron Gautschi comes on, proving that there truly is no separation.

Such is the physics of the Quest, where the ideas arrive relative to the blossoming abundance of our clearing in consciousness.

Our sacred fellowship deepens, as I invoke the True Audience. At the same time, my shape shifts, deeper into form, into alignment with the Seed Within of Divine Purpose, of that which wishes to come through.

A reception by the community that engages and inspires, where the reflection of that which my heart has desired comes to the fore.

Pt 1

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Grimoires of Grace

Seeing the way forward with the comic books and the grimoires then follows, as my journey through Faerie clarifies into form as the movement through the portals of synchronicity on the rainbow bridges.

The Flow of Alignment

Throughout, there is a sense of divine flow. Of one thread of inspiration leading to another, of synchronicities of expansion seamlessly following one another.

It really all started to happen when I got into that place of non-resistance thought, “getting out ahead of it,” as Abarham Hicks puts it, and where there was an emptiness, an openness inside my core, that came from forgiving all the aspects of the self and clearing the threads of my connective relationship with them.

Shifting my Lens of Perception

Its as Peter has said, “The Abundance is Here. Heaven on Earth is Here. But, are you seeing it?” Meaning, that its about your lens of perception, the cleansing of the fog from the aperture, where you can actually perceive and thus receive the abundance that *wants* to come *through* you.

Then, everything opened. The inspiration began to pour through me as the other characters of the Great Story arrived, in perfect form. The way forward gradually unveiled in the trust in the unfoldment, and by me taking command with Love, in Alignment.

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