2019-9-16 — Leap of Fate

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

The inner calling is pulling me towards Austin, where a chapter is closing and a new one is opening. Peter and Misty are there, along with other members of the Galactic. It feels expansive, as the way is opening to share the Mythica with the People, and gradually our team of Guardians is forming.

I’m breathing, allowing, a lot is coming up. Old dynamics arose, projections towards me in the field. A passing tone, yet its pattern is familiar. I know it is a thing of compassion, and of letting go, realizing relationships come and go, and are a thing of resonance.

Its a journey into discernment, of listening to what arises and what rings true on the inner compass. Its challenging, as the heaviness arises, I soften and relax it, releasing the hold, the tension as I drop into the breath of the Aina. Karmas are interconnected, a dance of relationship, and it does track back to a space within. Here, I can feel myself moving towards the “place of non-resistance” as Abraham Hicks puts it, where I can actually feel into being what I’m creating, or as Peter relayed Misty’s view, the “Void”…

I’m tracking it to a space of emptiness, where one can access more of the feeling and isn’t bound by the rigidities any longer. “There’s then room for new things to enter.” Peter said to me during our call this morning. Its a divine affirmation, reflecting back to me from the field that the magic I’ve been working has kept me on the trail of the manifestation.

Divining the Realms

Even the ability to describe such movements across the underlands is a precious thing, the inner landscape of shift and change that reflects in the diaroma of our lives. A jewel gained by the journey with Peter Fae across the rainbow bridge deeper into the Mythica, the Akashic Compass.

Just being able to express this lightens things. So much of the journey has been leading up to now, as it was during the trek from Zen Awakening to Faerie Worlds, at the Magician’s Oasis, did the purpose of the compass start to become clearer. Tracking the divine reflections of our experience to Heaven on Earth. After returning on the Highway to Heaven from Hana Mana here on Maui, I began to see it more clearly, how the universe reflects back to us. How there is a song that wants to sing through the Story of our Lives, a seed of divine purpose pushing through the soil to blossom the flower of our life.

Kriyas of Change

“Its easy to remain illuminated when you are on Maui, but its really about bringing it into the world. That’s the challenge.” Mia says, while we tend the garden.

Here, at the sanctuary guarded by the golden rams, I’ve been diving deeper into the organization and the cleansing, just this morning grabbing greens from the Aina and creating a green drink, while dropping into the vibrational attunement practices and the kriya yoga.

Just now I dropped into a purification practice with the breath, a kriya based on the Tsa Lung that I learned from Peter May in the realms of Crestone, when I was studying the ancient arts. I feel much clearer, and as I have been cultivating my awareness I see what Sadhguru means when he says Yoga is a Science. There are particular alchemical reactions that occur within us. The fascinating thing was seeing how these are made of the elements, and all these different ways, from tribal ceremony to yogas, correlate to the balancing of our elements. As I’m cleansing and raising my inner fire, there is a purifying of the earth, and grounding to the air of my mind. Still, I work towards that sense of fluidity, of water, of the flow to shift and change, sensing rigidities and places I’m letting go to move into the unknown with trust.

This is all the navigation of the akashic compass, as I come to see how my manifestation relates to their balance, and my journey across the realms to a more heavenly earth.

As I go out to dig holes to exchange energy to the land I’m staying and the room I’m graciously allowed, its a quality of working with the earth, of dropping into the presence and allowing myself to receive the vitality and healing of the land. Earth is seen as an element of solidity, that brings things together, that is the ground upon which things are created.

Opening to Support

Still, the way forward to Austin is clarifying, as I consider to ask for assistance. We will see what comes. Its definitely affirming as I speak with Peter to hear of the Patreon coming together and Sun Marian signing on to support the project for $100 a month, and Niekko sending out some support tomorrow. There is a sense of everything we’ve been working on coming together.

I went out to the land, and faced whatever was arising. I felt the window closing of my time here, coming to completion, the Ouroboros of Maui kissing its tail. As I did, I felt the threads clearing between me and the other characters I’ve met, of a new phase of expansion and grace opening to me.

It is challenging to face all the aka-threads, around the community. To track them into the pit in my stomach. To drop into the spaciousness and resolve, to let go and embrace all that has been, pivoting into the new into a sense of limitlessness and love for what is.

As I walk towards the house, my Mom calls me, of which I follow through on asking for support based on the intuition that channeled through Peter. “Just ask for help, its all coming together.” She so kindly offers support again, helping me to get the plane ticket, happy to hear of how everything is coming together, offering me it is an early birthday present, which is coming up next month on the 10th. Honestly, I am truly blessed to have been brought into the Earth by her and to have her support. It is the friendly universe coming through her, a vessel for the One to show our Goodness. I don’t mind what anyone says, none of this is mundane. Its all part of something larger, I know it, I feel it.

Again, in perfect time, the way opens, as a new guest comes to the room in a week from now, I am able to get a plane ticket and transition to Austin at that same time for the new opportunities and to continue to witness how the rainbow road of manifestation unfolds. I’m taking the leap, following the calling once again.

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