2019-9-12 — The Caduceus Kiss

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

Recently I had a phone call with Aaron Gautschi, and in our first time meeting, a deep magic unfolded between us. We saw how aligned we were in our missions to support the collective awakening to love and unity consciousness.

Here are some highlights from our dialogue.

Aaron says, “Its the caduceus kiss. The ultimate alchemical comeback. Where we bring it all into love.

The ultimate way to exist is in divine love, in the vortex.”

“Its like that place where we can put it into that perfect unique expression for eachother.” I reply

“And its the perfect affirmation.

Heaven happens when we are playing our most heavenly part. And on physics, we create a field that creates the reality. We don’t even have to try hard, it happen from there.

As gods that cocreate this world, I like to inspire the creation.”

“Its the Newest Testament.”

“The birth of the collective christ.”

I share my perspective on how our life is a living legend of the words we cast about who we are and what it all means, how its all about the context to which we see our journey.

He replies, “Spirit showed me that our story is a book of spells that we’ve cast on our being.”

Then, our conversation drops into the tantra of our love language with the Goddess.

“Isn’t awesome to have the ultimate romance with the goddess of love herself. Relationship with the all that is is the ultimate romance.” He says.

The conversation dances through a golden spiral, as we unfurl a shared perspective of the emergence of the dawn.

He says, “To manifest the golden age we abide by the golden rule. There, heaven cannot be avoided.

… its been bringing me to this place of embracing the entire spectrum of the universe. Embracing the remedy, for the old would of rejection (of separation). This happened, and then you called.

This is the embodiment of self love being reflected.

Love magick, is the ultimate cocreation realized. Its actually our assignment for eternity. What a gig, eh?”

It was such a perfect reflection, as I had too gone through this full embrace of the spectrum from dark to light. I review my journal to see this entry.

The Morning Demons and Delight

“Again, the dreams haunt me. I am enslaved by the leader of an ensemble, by threat of violence, and can’t go where I like when I like and must sing for the group. The dreams are speaking to me in metaphors, as I unwind the fears of my shadows and clear the old karmas.

Awakening, again its heavy and hard to breath, I feel all these attachments like subtle threads that aren’t clear on my energy. So, I do a cord clearing ceremony, with ho’oponopono, inspired by this video, which actually made a lot of sense to me, about clearing the root and removing the non-serving attachment, rather than cutting the cord.

Threads of the Akasha

Cutting the cord didn’t make sense to me after a point, because there is no separation. What exactly are you cutting? Its an energetic connection that is also karmic and dharmic, and our connections are put in place ultimately by God. So how much control over that do we really have? The dance and balance of surrender and empowerment, to seeing that we actually are all connected and there is a divine purpose and order to that. Yes, there are many layers, I will investigate this further in the future.

As I cleansed myself of the old attachments, and smudged after, I feel quite amazing. I feel much lighter, and clearer. Now, I’m about to go into the kriyas. I noticed that after I cleared these old attachments, I checked my messages and all these new connections started to appear. There is a sense of openness to the new.”

I had to embrace how every aspect of it had led me to that moment. Every being I was ever connected to, an aspect of my own self. The inner demons arising, a neglected and denied part of my own self that needed to be held at a deeper level than ever before. To actually embrace the pain, and allow it to open into the merciful embrace of self love.

Wayshrine of Embracing Embodiment

The very fabric of my being transforms into a completely different resonant signature, brighter tampers of angelic essence. This is a major wayshrine.

Then, Aaron appears in the field. Our constellations aligning to the gravity of grace.

Before we speak, I continue with the cleansing and the fresh foods from the land and the supplies from Kekoa card, thankful to the sanctuary of the room that manifested when surrendering to trust at the tree after leaving the gypsy Fae cabin.

It led me to place of integration. Of acceptance. Of emptiness and openness to the unfoldment, to reflecting on all that has brought me to this place, unfurling into new inspirations that channel into this telling.

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