2019-4-21 – “Earth Day of Resurrection”

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

A clarity is coming on my journey across the space and time of the Akasha, exploring the real magical world of synchronicity and mapping the emergent mythos of our Awakening.

Now, I see how the journey has been leading up to Now, to serve the witnessing of my golden thread and how we are all connected.

That my tale is a living divination, a testimony to synchronicity and wonder of my journey deeper into the Mythica…

As I gaze on the events of Earth Day, I see them in a new light.

Walk Your Own Way

As I walked down the winding road through the green of the Aina, back to the sacred realm of Alchemy that occurs as the Satya Temple, I encounter a reading reflecting my journeywalk.

I could feel my time had come to walk my own way, coming nearer the realms of the Tribe and the edges of the commonwealth. Remembering my commitment to spread light at the Earth Day festival, I find my way to allies as we journey onward.

Returning to the Temple, the energies of the Goddess pervaded, as Tantra and Jaycee were met at the sacred Land. Here, the nurturant tones of the Mother channel through their vessels, holding the resplendence of the Aina and the redemption of the alchemies. An ancient Egyptian quality flashes in the underlands, playing in modern form in our Lila.

Sharing a caravan, we made our journey on to Earth Day, along with Caprice and Casandra, noting the energy of this day of the Resurrection of Christ.

Arriving to Earth Day

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Here, I was met by Bruce and Satya, who opened me to the realm. They steward the festival and bring the people together.

Such a nobility of purpose moves through them as seeds of the New Earth, driven to serve the Aina and the People in our emergent Unity.

The bring me to space for a booth, and as I set up, I feel how it doesn’t feel right. I look into it, feeling this strong sense in my heart that I am meant to buzz around and connect more as a bee than simply root here as a tree. So I remembered Satya’s words from the Tiny Temple at Mandala Gardens… the sacred space from which we’ve been granted sacred space by their graciousness and patience with the creation of the Mythica.

“You could just let yourself off the hook. You want to know who’s around you, to branch out and connect.” And remembered the echoes ‘follow your heart’.

I’ve always been navigating towards that, that sacred sense of alignment with my divine purpose and place in the world, moving across my journeywalk across the rainbow bridge to blossom the seed within in the Mandala Paradigm.

Before my music set, I go out to the ocean and center, drawing on the mana of the Aina, allowing the energy of the land to cleanse and align me.

It was a moment of facing fears within of stepping out, of holding the line, of surrendering what no longer serves me and embracing the moment. As I did, I felt the lands within align with the lands without.

Returning, the stage opened to me. Flowing into such a mystical performance, an opening of my centered channel to move the crowd, the land and intention of honoring all our relations in service to Life. It didn’t matter to me what anyone thought of me, it was just pure joy and expansion, to give the Gift in kind. And I was so well received!

Janeen approached me after, “Wow, that was so powerful…the way that you open is so moving. Its a type of channeling.” After Tantra shared with me she experience a Kundalini awakening through the vibrations of my music. Such an auspicious confluence of magic!

Janeen’s arrival is so apropos, last revealed to me in the greenery of the Paia Bay Cafe, where I shared an opening of the Mythica and Akasha Yoga, sensing the openings of our shared aura and dharma.

A bright purpose moves through her, to witness the Tribe through the lens of the camera, reminding my of this very aspect! I see how I can use this opportunity to witness the path and share the unfoldment as a bridging to the People.

Throughout the festival, I witnessed the Seeds of Gaia brought together in shared missions to serve the Land and share our Gifts. Sensing into the akathreads beneath, as the mysticism of the Kahunas speak of, the sacred threads between all Life, I feel the Map of Synchronicity and our collective consciousness blossoming into my own Awakening.

Again, I reflect on the Quest, seeing the convergence of the solutions of the emergent paradigm being channeled by these Guardians of Gaia.

Devas of the Aina

Here, I encounter the priestess of Water once again, Kayden Radhe, bridging the consciousness of the spirit of water through her sacred offering, Blue Bottle Love. The bright purpose blooming through her to spread healing through Awareness and sacred Relationship with Water.

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She shares of attuning the water with crystalline structure, of blessing it with our intention, of aligning it with the Sun and Moon. The water speaks to her, as she is led through her devotion to bring consciousness of these ways to the Tribe and into the commonwealth.

I bowed to her, as she brought the alchemical quality needed for my own balancing and healing, reminding me of the redemptions of water. Such is the Akasha Yoga of recognizing the intricate and intrinsic value we all have in our shared evolution.

Invited by Cassandra to join for music by the ocean with Curtis, I intersect with Ryan again, as we all make our way into the heart of the Aina.

The sense of our shared royalty and divinity lightly crowns us in the opening of our space by the sea. As a priestess of the Akasha, Casandra recognizes with admiration mine and then Ryan’s tracking of the synchrony and mythos, bridging the light of her own magic in the field.

“Straight Bliss.” Curtis says to me with a wide playful smile.

The tones of our song gather in shared light, emanating the frequency of our living prayer. Devoted as ever to God, Curtis brings a quality of bliss and service, sharing the mantras of old that I can feel painted with the tones of the Temple of Peace, blending into a bluesy folk. My twelve string than blends us all into a gypsy jazz feel.

I can feel Ryan’s aspect coming out, of the elvish and the free, clad in the resplendence of the green as he fiddles a tune upon the flute.

A brother arrives, bearing the totem of Ganja upon his shirt, hat and shoes, offering us some sacred wind medicine. The ganja opens me to the realm, softening me as I feel the breath of the Aina and deepening presence and creativity surging through me.

Organic Alignments

Morrigan arrives, flush with organic bliss from her flow. As she settles in, I shift into sensing the energy moving through as expressions of a hive mind.

“Its a way of being aware of our energy, breath and intention.” Morrigan says, “You’re doing something similar, right?” referring to me. It strikes me then, that I too have been channeling these yogas of alignment with the Self and Nature.

With the aura of the flute on the wind, I look to see Ryan standing upon a tree over hanging the ocean, channeling a Celtic energy. I climb another downed tree on the other side with roots outstretched towards the see, channeling the energies of the moment into Aligning with Gaia. Here we move together as One, different expressions of the World Tree.

Breath, motion, energy and intent become one, as I blend with the deva, drawing on the elements and adjusting my inner asana. The wind kicks up as I face resistances within, old resentments…I bend and flex with, forgiving and dancing my movement back into balance as I release and align deeper.

As my hands come to my heart, a supreme sense of centering and integration flows throughout my center and into embodiment.

A magical plant medicine ally, Goldenseal, appears literally left behind on the dirt path, a type of clearing astringent that we all share. It opens my channel in such a beautiful way, a type of gentle fire. Its name is definitely appropriate…

“We’re going to the yoga, to connect with the Divine Feminine.” He says. In the moment of his leave, I shift realms, as if his words were the hollow reed for the fluxing roots of the world tree.

I find myself in realms of sisterhood, of nurturant love, embrace and connection, softening and receiving the Light with appreciation.

“Come here!” Morrigan says, as I go and join them with a hug. Breathing as one being, I feel the healing energies flowing throughout.

The circle closes, as I take a moment to ground on my own as the sun sets. Walking down the path by the beach, I reflect on the magic that has opened here.

“Happy Resurrection.” One of the sisters says to me with a smile, walking off into the dark.

I am drawn to the right at the fork in the path, coming to a vista overlooking the ocean, arriving to witness a dance to the four directions.

As I flow with the elements, a sense of deep alignment is throughout. I reflect on the living yoga of my Quest, as the walking prayer of awareness, breath and movement synergize as One.

For this is the journey across the rainbow bridge and deeper into the real magical world of synchronicity and Awakening. She’s a path we take by many names, yet the essence remains. That there are roots and routes to brighter worlds, as we embody the change we wish to see.

I remember what Satya asked me… “Do you feel it throughout? That its truly here?”

I really reflected on that. My awareness grounding crown to root, I see where all I’m growing into and all there is to discover, that I’m really just stepping into this new reality and here to humbly share my experiences with you of my transformation in consciousness and how it happened in my timeline.

Now, I can feel it. Heaven is Here. And I have so much to learn, to become, to heal, actualize and integrate, but now I see more than ever; we are all walking each-other Home, to blossom the Seed of Light at our core and blossom our Flower of Life.

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