2019-4-14 When I Trust

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

When I trust, and let go, I am seeing there is so much more unfolding past the horizon of what I once knew. That a world of wonder and magic awaits the doors of my perception. I’ve seen it happen many times before, those ordinary miracles of grace, only afforded by the light of the right time of awareness. Leylines of intersecting dharma upon the path of Awakening to our Divine Nature.

Here is such a time. At the Mandala Gardens, my heart is going through a massive healing, as I’m giving and recieving more love than I ever have before, allowing the divine sacrament of life to flow through me as the blood of my will to serve that which wishes to come through me. Where the sweet devotion of my life’s work touches my every inspiration more often, and the brilliance of the Jewel is pouring forth. That I embody ever further that Heavenly Gaze, and thus Receive.

I really had no clue what I was in for. My heart transparent for first times, I’ll never forget, that desire forming at the time of that feeling of bliss from being on point with the divine unfoldment, of the synchronicity and magic that would occur at special points in space and time. Here is just like that, Now. Present to the Presence of this Gift of Life, that each word may be the penstroke of the One, brought to form through this Jewel refracting the All into a unique myriad of forms. That in every crevice and crag lay the Sacred, an unfolding mystery so pervasive your Destiny can’t be missed.

When you Clear, when the Lens holds no shrowd and the scales fall from thine eyes, you see the Divine in Everything. Its like you’ve known it once before, a yearning longing to be free? The One embodied in you and me, longing for Union with its Source. Such is the journey, for without the sleep there is no Waking.

And this long path has led me through grey streets to the mystic mountains, cross gorges and rainbow lit paths of synchrony and nearly indescribable myth, if I hadn’t been given the burning desire to describe it.

Here is like that, Now. Where Peter Fae ministers the myth, seen through his lens, as do I wield the Mythica in fellowship and honor. In the intent to serve the planet with a new form of sharing stories, of the ways in which we witness our timelines and offering healing to the collective conditions.

Mandala Mystics

In confluence with Satya Douglas, Ryan and Daniel Divine at the Mandala Gardens, so much magic opened the night before, after a day lit afire with inspiration and expansion.

Witnessing Satya in her sacred space as a matriarch of community and organization was quite beautiful, feeling the threads of connection that she lovely tugs to bring the People together together for Earth Day. Such is the dharma that passes through her, the sweet devotion that brings her heart joy, to serve Gaia through Uniting the People.

Here, a sense of victory is flush within me, as song and talkstory flows through me with bliss, and Peter and my oak and tambre ring together in the shared harmony so preciously earned in our journeywalk together ‘cross the realms. The Mythica is a way of being, of sharing and receiving, where we sense the divine threads that lay beneath and honor the moments of Awakening with wonder.

Ever present are those words in my heart: there is no separation. Never have they been so relevant, for they are the breath of divine reminder for a world waking.

Heading to the family hall of the temple, I sit with a tongue drum, joined shortly after by Ryan. The magic flows between us gracefully, as the tones open sacred space to lymric and poetry. My heart is so open, going through this whole healing. I knew that it would be my time to come and connect, I’ve just been so focused on preparing the presentations and doing the inner work, that now I finally feel an opening to drop in with the community here. And what beautiful souls, indeed, are present in the Gardens.

As Daniel Divine arrives, we share of our sacred paths. Of the Book of Kin that lives through us, of a sacred story that connects us all. I share that such was our goal to illuminate with the Mythica.

He smiles, “I feel that’s what we’re all here to do, in our own way.”

“You’re right.” I reply, as I reflect on how the idea is pushing up through the soil as a seed of the divine mind, each of us receiving various aspects of the light codes relative to the Collective Shift in Consciousness.

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