2019-3-5 Practices – Holding the Vision

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

Here I am going more deeply into the process of Akasha Yoga and the actual application of clearing the somatic patterns, how they relate to my and Peter’s manifestation, along with witnessing the collective consciousness and proof of the openings.

This morning immediate inspiration comes in regarding the marketing and writing. Some frustration surfaces regarding a distant contact, followed by the desire for the people to be more involved and a general pressure to get the money for rent. I know that the shape of my thoughts is bent by the still resolving subconscious patterns, so I bring this into breath and practice.

This leads into a conversation with Peter in the temple, where he gives an overview of the process we are working as the clarity comes to him.

“We are being aware of the opening and closing of our access, tracing this to the subconscious patterns, clearing while holding the vision of the overall manifestation. This requires the consistent inner work in order to process the impressions and achieve manifestation through cohesion and constancy of access.” He says.

“This is remarkable because we are learning to track our shifting between positions in the Akasha, spaces of being and how this relates to the window of awareness.” I reply.

The Subtle Inner Compass

“Exactly. When we hold a particular emotional state, it either opens or constricts us. What we’re training is an awareness of the repetition in the patterns of certain emotional states and where they track to the body. We are then clearing this and affirming the holding of a particular feeling state that we associate to our desired manifestation. Along with this we are getting clearer on what it is that we truly want, developing the inner navigate as we move through the realms.”

I truly appreciate the clarity that passes through Peter’s avatar and the way in which we are working our alchemy of relationship over time towards the blossom of the gift of the Mythica. This is the real magic academy as it appears for me in this Age, traveling with a feral shamanic emissary of awareness. So I’m reminded by his embodiment of particular qualities of consciousness, that as I bow to his aspect, I’m allowing myself more access to those qualities. There is no separation.

This morning, its a much needed reminder. Here’s the actual process to live in a magical world. I’m agitated, and he can feel it. He doesn’t like the feeling, just like I don’t like the feeling when he’s agitated. No one likes to feel constricted. But we still went into it “accepting the unfoldment” style, facing it together and meeting in mutual fellowship. This I appreciate because it goes beyond just the preference of the comfortable feeling, but willing to meet one another where we’re at. 

We see an opening in holding space for other content creators to come in for a curation, and how to use the social media integrated with the site to spread the word, along with how to set up the offerings of our sessions and online class.

I got it! We’re meant to present the Akasha Yoga in a webinar workshop series and launch that through a series of content that shows the yoga of Story. I start to see the way of organizing the movement forward.

Morning Meditations

I go out for morning mediations. Walking down the long driveway, I step slightly outside the self, being aware of the sensations but nonattached, while drawing on the Aina and invoking clearing in the observant tone of self love. As things open I walk and with each step breathe deep and invoke gratitude while feeling the somatic layer between myself and the land soften as I draw the mana into the gratitude through the breath and up the central channel. As I do this, layers are clarifying and dissolving, the emotional pattern in my solar plexus and root of tension is softening. I return the tent, put some tones on and meditate, again resetting my stance as slightly outside, aware of but not attached, this time feeling myself as water, softening the rigidities in my form at the somatic layer. Surrendering into what is, while releasing the tension and continually reaffirming stance as I drift and thoughts come up.

All these thoughts related to value and the past coming through my mind’s eye, such as when we were at the lavender farm. There was a complete inability to recognize the value were bringing forward, while being in a situation of yogis on the Quest being led from one place to another with limited resource. It was extremely challenging, even now I can feel the same feeling tone associated with it, so I bring it into the practice, knowing that the clearing of this somatic pattern in the self is directly related to the manifestation of the sanskara in the field. 

As I reaffirm stance, feeling the space in non attachment, while breathing through forgiveness and surrender, it clears, and the central channel opens. Now I am able to access more prana, and draw that into envisioning the manifestation as if its already happening and feeling the gratitude. At this point I stabilize this emotional state. This has been the current goal.
Now, I can see new ideas, because the iris of my access is more open, and I enter the temple to a new vista of expansion…

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