2019-2-10 Sattvic Witnessing

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

Deep work continues at the templescape. At the last of our stores, I follow my feet to the land, down the driveway betwixt garden and jungle. Bananas hanging ripe and fresh from the tree catch my eye.

Victory. Proof of the manifestation in proper form.

Reflecting on the manifestation

Returning to my sanctuary nestled in the trees, I continue my ministrations from my mobile workstation.

There’s something deeply apropos about this. Being in the modern gypsy bardic, of an adventurer on the Quest, writing from atop my guitar case in a tent granted on the crux of the jungleside I was led to in synchronicity. My heart swells in recognition of the journey, as access opens to reveal the Way forward. This of course is in concordance with the deep healing practices I’ve been devoted to.

Peter and I go on a hitchhike to get some food from a local town, where we are picked up by a woman who recognizes us as holy men on the path. After eating, we encounter Lotus Sattva and her son Finn, in perfect form, who offer us a ride back in the flow.

“We are resonant witnesses,” Lotus says, “The Sattvas.”

“Its so perfect,” I reply, “As Peter and I have called our gaze, ‘Sattvic Witnessing’.”

We invite them to the temple, where we have an opening into the Mythica, passing the goddesses guarding the front and descending through the thrush of green to settle in its sacred carriage.

“I call this social permaculture.” Lotus says, “Bringing about the new economy. One of regeneration for the good of all.”

Peter enters, “The Mythica is here to witness our story, to share the context of our journey and how we are all connected.”

I say, “This is how we bring about the new earth, blossoming the seed of light within us into a new language of self-realization.”

In a blooming aura between us, Lotus replies, “As you say this, I see a honeycomb sacred geometry unfolding…”

I feel the shared telepathy with an expanse in my heart space, “This is my favorite kind of consciousness!” I exclaim.

A fellowship blossoms between us, revealing our shared dharma.

“For years I’ve been looking at these same synchronicities, witnessing the magic! The same desire to share that story moves through me.” She says excitedly. “I also know that I want Finn to have the chance to learn the magic in a supportive setting.”

A light radiates from Finn as a innate starseed consciousness. Later he shares with me his innate knowledge of the sacred geometries and subtle energies that underlie our experience.

Its obvious that spirit brought us together for a shared purpose in the Great Story.

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