2019-1-17 Return from Haleakalā to Mandala Gardens

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

Returning from our journey through the dawn of Haleakalā, Peter and I drive back to Mandala Gardens. Its been such a powerful confluence of events, leading me towards a deeper revelation of our sacred path through the Mythica. As we descend down the winding road into the jungle, there is a sense of landing and appreciation of the adventure so far.

Passing through that wayshrine of liberation to land a place wrought with the timbres of the Temple brings immense easement. As much as I love the Quest, the transition into sacred travel and on the go spellcasting that it demands, it has been an immense challenge on my nervous system. 

Deep within the woodwork of my soul lay the resonances of the temple, the roots of the Aina extended into a latticework of sacred sanctuary. My consciousness eases into the ley of the land, where it is quiet of the chattering thoughts of the commonwealth.

It turns out there is a large tent available for me to lay out in between working with Peter in the tiny temple. I am deeply grateful to be able to move into these realms of rejuvenation, to tend to the garden of my being and breath into the peace of the Aina.

This is not my first time in such context…many a time I’ve been led across the routes of the gypsy to land at sacred sanctuary where the grey fades to green, through vistas of Gaia’s wonders. Being brought to Mandala Gardens is part of my sacred function, after all, to map out the leylines between the realms of the world tree that manifest as these geomantic sanctuaries and eco-villages.

After working day in and day out of cafes in the commonwealth, sleeping on beaches and out of the car, I am exhausted. To once again feel the movement of the plants, the sweep of the wind, and the soft pallet of my own breath in a place I wont be disturbed, brings me deep relief.

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I take this time to do some deep healing and inner work. As much as I am a dimensional adventurer and bard of the new story, I am a yogi who can spend immense time in silence alone. As I simply lay and breathe the conduit of my awareness throughout, drawing on the mana of the Aina, I am immensely rejuvenated. Filling my body with the energy needed to continue the Quest.

I am awoken by the sounds of movement and engines outside, at first slightly agitated and confused. I wander out and see Peter, helping to dig trenches for the extension of ethernet and power to the tiny temple. Unsure at first if its the thing to do, I decide to participate, finding the connection with the earth element deeply balancing.

Its a perfect confluence, that as we arrive the extensions of connection that support the very transmission of our sacred light out into the world are being laid. 

Resistances arise within me, and I know I’m not bound to help with any of this. But I decide to face it through adding my energy to the cause, breathing through the subtle agitations while feeling the mana of the earth elements passing up through me. I feel it strengthening and clearing this from the fabric of my being, as I approach with the Akasha Yoga.

Finally…time comes that I can just sit and write, feeling the peace of the land as the ripples in my mind come to rest. More access opens through the blossoming iris of my awareness.

We have arrived to a realm of the world tree where we can simply broadcast our light out. The movement through the spaces of being of the Akasha to get to this point have been the shifting of our own substance of self to embody the very vibrational value that gets shared out, paralleling the solidified creation of the platform. The becoming of this and the relationship defined by Peter and my journey together has birthed a model of Akasha Yoga, the way of witnessing that very movement across space and time.

Its an immense relief to have easement in the casting of sharing our stories and the teaching. Still, old ripples of fear pass through the waters of my subconscious, where I have to consciously breathe into the affirmation of the victory and the trust that all is working out in benevolence. 

Peter’s arrival reminds me of the reality of the confluences, pointing out the agitation that fogs my gaze in the still resolving patterns of my solar plexus. I bow to it, with recognition, appreciation and necessary humility, that this is what must be faced to embody the solution.

Peter says to me, “You’re valiantly going through this. By facing it and witnessing the benevolence of the universe, along with the humility of where there are patterns or you lose sight, you become the solution for all those you’re connected to and meant to help. I’m so proud of you.”

More and more, I see Peter’s clarity settling even deeper as the easement of the temple comes to fore. A long desired peace he’s seen on the horizon now starts to paint his demeanor. A hardness starts to soften, a knowingness that he is in the victory. It is my honor to witness his noble aspect, the fierce wisdom and clarity that passes through his vessel.

More now than ever, just being in his presence makes me more aware of every subtlety in my trip. The majesty and the lack of resolve, the clarity and the repeating inanities. It opens me to a new level of humility and consideration, while breathing into the appropriateness of my own stepping out and healing the quality of self-recognition.

To see him in the perfect shape to fulfill his function as an Avatar of Shiva is a magnificent gift. Everywhere we go, the reflections of the field reveal the proof of his embodied magic.

In fact, it sparks the consistent fire of awareness that we are each Avatars, animations of the clay of divine mindstuff in service to a larger intelligence than our individual senses of self.

Its appropriate, to see the Goddess supporting him, as he is such a deep servant of the Awakening and the return to right regard of Her, of form itself.

I recall what he’s said to me many a time, “Awareness of, relationship with.”

By healing our relationship with all that is, we move to right stance to embody the rainbow bridge back to the Garden.

This is the very alchemy that has brought us here.

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