2018-7-28 – “Earth and Sky”

In 2018 - The Avalon Agenda, The Seed Withinby Yeshua Lucis

Peter and I travel to Living Well, a nature spirit sanctuary, proving the Law of Reflection of the Physics of the Quest, that we encounter in synchronicity the vibrations of which we embody.

We descend through the thrush of green down the winding earth road deeper into the heart of the sacred land.

Raven navigates as Jesse pops a CD in. A song by Yaima sets the atmosphere, “Rain doesn’t doubt that it will end up at the sea, doesn’t seem to worry about destiny.”

Its of no accident, but further divine providence that we are led to the remote settling on the outskirts of Cascadia. As much a matter of destiny as the river reaching its course. Still, how will the world of Faerie unfold for us, if the Law of Reflection holds true?

Arriving at nightfall, we pass through the flush of green into an earthen structure housing our hosts, Mark and Mary McNutt, the stewards of LivingWell.

“Take shelter by the river,” they said, “be rejuvenated by the living water, the very spirits that flow through our village.”

Peter says to me candidly, “This is a place I could take refuge from the world, to recharge with the Deva, where I truly felt at home. It feels so good to be back here, to have space to heal amongst my true faerie family, who recognize me and what I’m doing for the clans.”

We join Mark and Mary at their earthen sanctuary in the morning, where Mark shares of his water wizardry, revealing the hidden power behind the namesake of LivingWell.

Mark says, “Before there was no water running, and I recieved guidance to pray with the spirits of the land. I did this for years, until the springs started flowing, and kept the offerings and giving of thanks going.“

Mary chimes, “If we stopped doing the ceremonies and giving thanks, the water would start receding.”

“It wasn’t about making it do it, but rather that of cooperating with Nature.”

Joining them by the daylight, I receive a tale of shared destiny and true love from Mary, “Mark and I were brought together by a shared vision of a lotus and our desire for communion with the sacred land.”

Mark offers to take us on a tour. Crossing the bridge deeper to faerie, we offer lyrics to the trolls.

Bringing us to an altar by the river, he cheerfully shares, “This is a place to honor the divine feminine within us all.”

Here I have a sense of the realms, that of my passage into deeper union with my own feminine, of that beckoning call to return to the Goddess.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Peter Fae, Mark McNutt, Mary McNutt, Gabrielle Gibney, McKenzie McCleary

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