2018-7-27 LivingWell – Arrival

In From the Questby Yeshua Lucis

Peter Fae and I travel deeper into the heart of Faerie, as we are given passage from Wynden Keep by Jesse and Raven to LivingWell, a Nature Spirit Sanctuary.

Driving out into the deep woods, we arrive to the sanctuary at nightfall, and we feel the Deva greeting us with a friendly sigh of fresh wind across the land. The vibration feels refreshing, cooling, green and grounding immediately.

Mark McNutt

Here we meet Mark and Mary, a water wizard and loving mother of Gaia. They were brought together over twenty years ago by a guiding vision to unite earth and sky, which became the seeding of LivingWell. Seen within the garden of Gaia as part of an ever growing network of sanctuaries that are bridging their own piece of Heaven on Earth.

Marygold McNutt

Mary shares with me how both her and Mark were given guidance by Spirit to meditate on a pink lotus at the same time before they met, that this would attract their life partner with which to create the vision together. The very vision that would unite their care for the earth with a spiritual vision of how we are all connected to the web of life, that it is important to balance Earth and Sky.

I feel this reverberating through the underlands, as the presence of the deva are so strong here. The love and awareness towards the faeries, as the many facets and layers of the consciousness of Gaia is revered here, where the very land sings with its redemptive tone, and the alchemies and foods that grow here flourish with this vibration. I find it reflective of the core weave of the spell, that such abundance marks that of the deeper alignment with the natural world.

Arriving as pilgrims on the path, we are given sanctuary amidst the forest near the river. As an ambassador of faerie, Peter has taken respite here many times over the course of his Quest, the Journey Home.

Peter Fae

“This is a place I could take refuge from the world, to recharge with the Deva, where I truly felt at home. It feels so good to be back here, to have space to heal amongst my true faerie family, who recognize me and what I’m doing for the clans.” He says to me, candidly.

Mark shares of the water wizardry that he stewards as part of his bright function, the very reason behind the namesake of LivingWell.

“Before there was no water running, and I recieved guidance to pray with the spirits of the land. I did this for years, until the springs started flowing, and kept the offerings and giving of thanks going.“

“If we stopped doing the ceremonies and giving thanks, the water would start receding.” Mary shares, with a smile, implying that the honoring of the waters was intrinsic to the spell that kept them flowing.

It is profound to hear of the way that he has focused his energy through prayer, that this has had a real impact of bringing forward the abundance.

“It wasn’t about making it do it, but rather that of cooperating with Nature,” He says to me.

Mark offers us a tour of the land, of which we follow him into the flush of green. Coming upon the flowing stream, we approach a bridge across the realms. He shares that it is customary to offer a token by lymric or song to the bridge troll. We each give our own unique offering, passing the fire shrine, deeper into the realms of faerie. 

Soon, we are immersed completely in the forest, brought upon a shrine to the divine feminine, a place to honor that aspect within us all. Mark and Mary call out to Aphrodite, offering their prayers to the waters running clean and free.

We ascend the paths of the woodlands, winding up, foots passing moss, nettles and leaves. Coming upon a shrine to Pan, we are in the lands of old and wild gods. Here Mark gives tell of how he is led by the faeries to pray at different parts of the land, showing us where springs over the years have risen from the primordial mud.

Looking at a ceramic visage of the Green Man hung on the shrine to the wilds, I have a felt sense of the One from which comes all forms, that is behind all things. Also of the auspiciousness to be in such a deep realm of faerie where these gods roam between the leaves and spells of kin.

Mounting further a view of the valley side, we are at the shrine of Airius, an honoring to the wind. Marygold is heard laughing wildly and gleeful in the distance, still communing with the divine feminine. Mark says, “she gets this way when she travels into faerie, leaving the fetters of the other world behind.”

Mark shares with us a story, “Years ago I was enlisted by the owls to go talk to the forestry office, as there was a road not far from here in the deep forest that was a danger and needed to be closed down. They are always talking, the issue is that we aren’t listening. Well, I was. So I called them up, telling them what I was guided to say, and sure enough they went and found a nest of owls a short distance from the road. According to their code, they had to shut the road down.”

“You were moved to act as a Guardian of Faerie.” I reply, admiring the wonder of this elder so moved by his attention to the sacred land.

“Exactly. They needed to get someone to do it.” He says.

Here Peter chimes in, “Isn’t it auspicious, to be here in this realm together? This is the real magickal world! How to articulate such a thing? You have to wonder, how does one get there? It’s not something you see on an ordinary map. This is why I created Into the Mythica, to show the subtle movements that make up our journey through the realms of the underlands. To tie the leylines into our movement across the creation, and how that relates to the shifting of our consciousness.”

At the end of our tour with Mark we pass a fern that is covered with sap from a tree above, affected by the relentless heat of the past few days. We are inspired to taste it, just like maple syrup, each of us reveling in the sweetness of the simple delight gifted by the mother.

Mark tells us that the path leads on deeper into Faerie, that there is even more to explore, leaving us to the beauty of LivingWell. Here, amidst the green of the forest, I feel the breath of the Deva. We see that we’ve been led right to where we are meant to be.

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