2013 – The Stirring

In 2013 - Awaken, The Seed Withinby Yeshua Lucis

Philosophy of Religion

I knew there must be more to the world than I knew. Than we were conditioned to believe.

“When I first entered this course I was steeped in the constant wisdom of the Tao, and was following the Way, and this is still at my core. In Taoism, there is a force that underlies all forces and is called the Tao. The Tao is the source of all manifestation and is what lies at perfect harmony of yin and yang. The Tao is something ultimately above our current level of understanding, and is the primordial essence. When I tried to describe an interconnectedness within all life this is what I meant. As I opened my mind up more I started to see this interconnectedness within all religions and started to put the pieces together. When I first joined this course I saw western religion as a sham, and I saw Christianity as a sham. How wrong was I to assume something as this, because through my prejudices I could not see the wisdom that lies scattered.

As I begin to understand where religion comes from I realize it all comes back to the ultimate realization of a mystical, magical, ever life-changing force that encompasses the divine human experience. Whether it be through meditation, prayer, ritual, Vedic chant, or the magical, mushroom-dotted plains of ancient Africa, humans have been connecting with this supra-consciousness for a while now. This super creativity is one that arises budhi, shamans, saints and prophets that realize the Brahma, Tao, spirits, or God. These are the “true sons of God”, ones that achieve a state of consciousness that lets them witness the divine connection and be a part of it…”

Be Here Now

Gifts for the Journey Ahead

Elf acquires quest item. Seriously though, the surface shot of this moment reflects a deeper quality to my character, and the journey to come.

Things are so much deeper than I saw at the time.

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