If you are ready to transform your Story, by aligning with the deeper aspects of your being and returning home to who you really are…

These sessions are for you

I am a Sacred Mirror, helping reflect You back to You.

Through energy work, intuitive healing and embodiment of awareness, uncover clarity and release what no longer serves.

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“I was given intimate details about the development of my life story, and where I was going (I have since then, fulfilled the messages of that reading). Not only did the reading show me the interconnected themes of my reality, that I needed to see at that time for my own personal development, but most importantly, that magical experience helped me to have a true belief in myself along with a childlike wonder that extinguishes fears, unwanted programming, and behavioral patterns. Afterwards, I was convinced that Yeshua has a great talent in his service of practice by divining. I believe that he is driven by a sincere love to help awaken humanity- and that is to come to know or have a deep sense of belonging to this home planet.”

John Burgan

Plant healer

“Yeshua graced me with a session recently when I was experiencing dis-ease and something akin to amnesia. He presented wisdom that resonated and snapped me out of the state of being that was crippling me. He brings a beautiful energy into his sessions and listens to hear, not just to respond. When he is moved to speak, he presents perspectives that are Spirit-filled and from the heart space. Yeshua has a knack for seeing patterns and recognizing Archetypes. He embodies compassion and empathy from his Higher Self and masterfully presents solutions that resonate within. In a nutshell, he is a master facilitator of healing through listening and simply reminding one that all of the answers are found within.”

Michael Agape

Community leader

“His sessions are an indescribable oneness with all creation through his being in his suchness so pure and sweet like the water he so kindly offered me years ago. A magical meeting of love and laughter at the beauty and great joy of life as we surrender to the union with the Divine and the synchronistic journey. I feel so clean inside like I have dined on the alchemy of the magic of a world of play (Lila).”

Shewang Lake


“Energetically attuned to the Truth of my Oversoul, I have birthed into an elevated frequency of Sovereignty through the resonance of the cosmic Creative vibration that you allow to channel through you, humbly and in service to Divination. You are a Keeper of the Light and Guardian of the Truth for all hearts to feel safe, seen, beheld and nurtured into greater expansion, Self-Love and recognition.”

Eden Sage

Sacred guide

“Yeshua has truly been living a mythical life. Through his diverse life experiences, he has extracted a perception that allows him to see into the archetypal realms. He humbly uses this ability to reflect a deeper awareness into everyday life. I see the myth continue to evolve him daily. I have had profound experiences with Yeshua that have helped me see and live my Myth! We have been able to play out some powerful roles for each other, and these experiences have aided me in having a greater awareness in all my relations.”

Lindsay Semilla

Sacred Facilitator & new earth architect

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